IC Markets is a fully regulated broker here in UK that allows us to trade forex currencies and bitcoin and major commodities such as Dow Jones, Oil and NasDaq. Follow the link above, setup a demo account and installed MetaTrader 4 and link your IC Market demo account to MetaTrader and start trading. 


HyperFund is a DEFI fund, which allows you to earn a passive income through the DEFI network transactions. You simply invest and it pays you daily as crypto. It’s great way to generate passive income.


KOT4X is a trading broker just like ICMarkets. However with KOT4x you can find all the cryptos, unlike some brokers only allow you to trade Bitcoin, KOT4X allows you to trade many other cryptos such as Compound, XRP etc

Binance Wallet 

Binance is the world largest crypto exchange, they are so big they even have their own coin called BNB. Setup your crypto portfolio with Binance today, follow the link above.


BitForex is a leading broker in the world of crypto coins. Sometimes you won’t find certain cryptos on Binance, however you will find all the hard to find cryptos on Bitforex, this includes OMI.

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