Google Authenticator – Secure Your Cryptos

Google Authenticator is a great way to add an extra level of security to your crypto accounts. However many users still shy away from using 2-factor authentication. This is due to the worry that they will lose access to their credentials should something go wrong with their devices. Learning how to backup google authenticator codes is an essential factor when using 2-factor authentication.

Until recently (when I traded in my iPhone and subsequently couldn’t access my google authenticator codes), I was completely unaware that you need to back up Google Authenticator. Unfortunately, backing up your iPhone or Android just isn’t enough. As when you reload your google authenticator onto a new phone, you no longer have access to your google authenticator codes!

What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is a free app that can protect your accounts from password theft. The app for ios/android generates a random 6 figure code which is used to verify your identity when logging into your online accounts. It’s very easy to use and set up and gives you an extra level of security called “Two-Factor Authentication” (2FA).

If you use 2-factor authentication, an intruder would need both your unique password and access to your Google Authenticator device to access your account. Therefore, it protects users from keyloggers, social engineering, brute force, and some phishing. It also complicates man-in-the-middle attacks.

Google Authenticator as 2 Factor Authentication

If you are using Google Authenticator as a level of added 2-factor authentication for Gmail, Facebook or maybe for a crypto wallet or exchange, you need to ensure that you backup the google authenticator codes separately from your usual phone backup. Not only that, but each code needs to be backed up separately. In case you lose your phone, get locked out or in case you trade in your existing phone. This is easily forgotten, with the excitement of the latest version of your phone.

These steps will show you what to do in case you lose your current phone. Not if you have already lost your phone. As that is a different and more complicated process which depending on the site may involve an account recovery.

How to restore Google Authenticator for a Lost Phone
Google Authenticator Backup or Secret Keys

When you initially enable Google Authenticator, you are provided with a QR code to set it up. In addition, you also have a backup or secret key that you need to write down, print off and store. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of these to keep somewhere really safe. This is by far the easiest way to regain access to your account.

If you’ve already written down or taken screenshots of the QR codes, you don’t need to follow these steps.

enabling google authenticator
Gmail Backup Codes

In case you haven’t got your Gmail backup codes (or lost them), here is how to get backup codes for Gmail.

By completing these steps, if you have lost access to your google authenticator and you’re prompted to enter in a 2 step verification but are unable, you can enter in 1 of your 8 digit backup codes to gain access back into your account. You can then enable google authenticator onto your new phone using the change phone option, which I’ll show you shortly.

From within your Gmail inbox click on your name on the top right-hand corner. Then select “Google Account” and then choose “Security”.

Gmail backup codes. How to backup codes

In the center of your screen, scroll down and click on “2-Step Verification“. If prompted, enter your password.

Scroll down to Backup Codes

Google Account Back Up Codes

When you click onto “Show Codes” you will then be shown your 10, 8 digit codes.

These Gmail backup codes can then be Printed or Downloaded from here to be kept somewhere safe, but accessible.

How to Back Up Google Authenticator Codes

Each Google Authenticator Code will need to be backed up individually. Therefore, if you do not have screenshots of your QR codes or your backup/secret keys, you will need to re-enable the authenticator from within the security settings on each site to be provided with these again.

Restoring these on your google authenticator app will take a little longer than the above process for Gmail, as you’ll probably need to do a manual entry from your google authenticator app and enter in the backup/secret keys that you’ve then got.

How to Restore Google Authenticator Onto A New Phone Using Backup

The below steps will show you how to restore your google authenticator on a new phone once you have received your QR code or backup/secret codes.

Restoring Gmail Using Backup Codes

When you have your new iPhone or Android, the first thing you’ll need to do is install Google Authenticator onto your new phone which can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

Google Authenticator App

Once you have downloaded and installed Google Authenticator, launch Gmail.

Then, when prompted to enter your 2 step verification (if you are unable to provide the code) select ‘Try Another Way.

Using Backup Codes for Gmail

Select to enter one of your 8-digit backup codes and enter these when prompted.

2 Step Verification Try Another Way Options

You will then receive a notification via Gmail that one of your 8 digit backup codes was used to sign in. From within this email Click on the link to update your ‘2-Step Verification Settings‘.

Gmail 8 Digit Back Up Code to restore account

Alternatively, you can open your Google Account, click on Security2 Step Verification.

Select “Change Phone” from the Authenticator App section.

Google Authenticator Change Phone

You will then need to go through the setup process again and scan in your QR code to add your Gmail codes

Your Gmail codes will then be re-added onto your Google Authenticator.

Setup Google Authenticator Gmail

Restoring Other Codes

Open Google Authenticator from your phone

Select the “+ icon” in the top right-hand corner of the app. Select “Manual Entry” and enter the account name.

You will then need to enter the Backup/Secret Key that you have backed up from the site and kept safely.

Manually Entering Google Authenticator Codes

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